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Instant Loan Decision

Loan Decision

Do you have to wait for days to get a loan? NO, and never. You get funds on the same day.

Competitive APRs


Are you worried about the loan cost? You will have a competitive APR from 4.7% to 270% with us.

60 Second Application Form

60 Second
Application Form

Do you want a short and direct loan process? We deal only with online loan applications.

Over 1500 Loan Requests Daily

Over 1500 Loan
Requests Oaily

Are you in doubt about our reliability? Well, we approve over 1500 loan requests every day.

What are direct lender loans?

Direct lender loans work as an alternative to the traditional form of lending followed by mainstream lenders. It is an alternative which was required, the need of time and brought online lenders into the centre stage.

Pmloansday is the one-stop solution for you where you get a chance to have loans easy to get approved. We have provided an alternative to borrow money online and fast in the UK than the conventional loan providers.

The main difference that we have brought is the flexibility and higher loan chances. Our lending rates vary according to individual circumstances and are thus flexible. Individual loan affordability is different, but our rates suit everyone’s pocket.

Another primary reason for having easy loans from a direct lender is almost guaranteed approval. We know that you have come here to find out a financial solution. You will never feel disappointed with us because we increase your loan approval chances. Here, loans are available even with very poor credit and no jobs.

A simple online loan process prevails here, including minimum documentation and no obligations. Your income capacity and loan affordability will allow almost 100% loan acceptance. You certainly have plenty of features while availing of 15-minute loans from direct lenders.

  • Funds on Same Business Day
  • Affordable Loan Interest Rates
  • Borrow Money on Any Credit Score
  • Responsible Direct Lending
  • Get Quick Money all Over the UK
  • Flexible Repayment Terms

What options are available on same day loans?

When you seek quick cash loans in the UK from direct lenders, many things will come in your favour. One of them is having a wide range of loans available on the same day approval. Financial problems may vary according to time and need. As a responsible private lender, we feel we have to satisfy every financial requirement of yours.

Therefore, we have come up with various instant cash loans accessible with easy approval. After assessing your affordability and evaluating the offered interest rate, you can choose any of them. Before going on to the loan products, we suggest you analyse everything before starting applying for them.

Here are the following quick and easy loan products we provide:-

Bad credit loans

Bad credit loans

We are already among the most responsible providers of easy loans for bad credit people. Your present financial commitments will bring the approval for you.

Unemployed loans

Unemployed loans

Living as a jobless person can bother you financially. However, we won’t let that happen, as our loans for unemployed people bring peace of mind to them.

Personal loans

Personal loans

Getting unsecured personal loans from a direct lender is the most considerable advantage for you. Apply now online with no risk involved at all.

Home improvement loans

Home improvement loans

Renovate your house this year without any financial worries. Our home improvement loans are accessible on the easiest lending norms.

No guarantor loans

No guarantor loans

Why to battle with the situation when no one is ready to take your loan guarantee? Instead, approach for our loans with no guarantor needed at all.

Payday loans

Payday loans

We take care of your urgent financial needs too. You can apply for our payday loans anytime and anywhere at affordable rates and easy repayments.

What are the advantages of short-term online loans?

You want to search all the day with queries like ‘fast cash loan near me’. You may want the same, but your financial solution forces you to solve those queries. We will provide the solutions, as we have an extended reach all over the UK with our smooth online process. You can approach us 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Our loans are suitable for both financial needs and desires. It does not matter to us whether you have a guarantor or not. Your unemployment status does not create a hurdle either, as your recent loan affordability maintains significance.

What Are The Advantages Of Short-Term Online Loans In The Uk?

Given below are some of the vital advantages of our small loans:-

  • You connect with us 100% online, which means instant process and loan approval
  • There will be no hidden costs involved in any loan option
  • You can even try a loan application with us despite having a very bad credit score
  • We offer only affordable loans and thus minimum chances of missing repayments
  • We do not charge any early repayment fees, and the late repayment charge is also nominal

Want to avail such of the benefits of a quick loan online? Submit your application now…

Where to get a quick loan with no credit check?

Who wants to borrow money with no credit check? Perhaps, everyone would like to have such a benefit. A credit check is a vital part of a loan process as it clarifies the borrowers' financial capacity. However, it should not be the reason for loan rejection.

As the responsible direct lender, we create the opportunity where one can expect a loan with no credit perusal. It can be hard for us as a lender, but we adopt a soft approach when it comes to analysing the credit history of the aspirants.

There are some specific conditions that you should know when you want to apply for a loan with no credit check:-

  • You must be improving your recent financial performance by paying all bills on time
  • You are applying for the loans very first time with no credit history at all
  • You have already borrowed money from us in recent times, and we already have your credit score
  • You have set an aim of improving your credit score by repaying this loan on time
Where To Get A Quick Loan With No Credit Check?

How do I apply for easy loans?

If you struggle with no money in hand when you need it at most, the best solution for you is to apply for a loan in the UK. You can quickly get the desired funds by submitting your application online, which does not need complicated paperwork.

At Pmloansday, you have the assurance of the quickest financial assistance, especially during financial emergencies. We follow a simple online application procedure, which you will really like:-

Fill an online application form

Fill an online application form

Your first step is to fill up a single-page application form where you have to mention personal details. We won’t disclose your details to anyone, as we follow a fair and transparent approach.

Get approval in 15 minutes

Get approval in 15 minutes

We will not delay a loan for you but instead, approve your loan application within 15 minutes. However, we will do a quick analysis of your application to check only your affordability.

Funds on the same day

Funds on the same day

We instantly release the much-needed amount to your functional bank account. You can now use that money for your any financial purpose. Remember, our loans match your every financial need.

Need a loan but have bad credit? Don’t Worry.

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